Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I've been tagged by Vicky...

7 random things about me...

1. I put 2 garter snakes down my shirt when I was 6 at a ward campout. I was showing off and dancing around and being a wild child and apparently got what I deserved when I looked down my shirt to see the snakes vomiting up frogs--needless to say, I completely went ballistic and the whole camp thought I was being murdered.

2. I was in a head on collision when I was sixteen and my friend and I were thrown from the vehicle and landed on the road. She survived fortunately but she had plastic surgery on her face and still has back problems to this day. I broke my right leg and had to have about 50 stitches in my head and other cuts and lacerations and still have neck and back problems as well. ( I was driving)

3. I have a pet peeve about people who chomp gum-- i don't know why that bothers me so bad but it does!

4. I have ADD (self diagnosed) and have a heck of a time finishing anything I start and I feel scatter brained for much of my day it drives Mike crazy!!!!!!

5. I married Mike after knowing him 19 days--crazy huh? He's a good guy, I'm lucky!!

6. I've never been out of the United States--never to Hawaii or even Mexico. The farthest I've traveled in the U.S. is Ohio, although I've lived in Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Utah.

7. I love popcorn and Orange juice together, it's my favorite snack. The popcorn has to be made in a pan on the stove with oil. Mmmmmmmm!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

LDS Film Festival

The girl's

The back of Chunga's tall head

My husband likes to listen to Chunga on 101.9 the end and apparently Chunga had really been talking up a movie to see called "Forever Strong" which was going to be played at the LDS film festival at the Scera Theatre in Orem. "Forever Strong" was the opening movie and it was based on a true story about the Highland Rugby team. (Apparently, Chunga was in the movie is why the hype, ha ha) After buying 8 tickets for that night, my husband ended up not being able to go so I invited my two aunts Marianne and Diane and my niece Kristen (who's attending BYU from Washington) and my good neighbor Melanie and friends Jenae and Mindy. It was an awesome movie and a fun night out!

Chelsea the Photographer...



Chelsea recently entered a contest through the Lehi Arts council for a Photo contest. Chelsea entered into the Youth division for a nature scene, "naturally Lehi" it was kind of funny how it played out on the day the photo was due. Chelsea came to me and said "Mom, let's go down to the Jordan River and take some pictures." I was free for the moment so we went down there and traipsed through some deep snow and went under the bridge. I was waiting for Chelsea as she ventured on. After a few moments I decided to find her and there she was taking a photo of an old ten speed bike frozen in the river. I thought it was an interesting photo and after a few shots we left and drove down the road a little bit. The sun was setting and the sky was beautiful. Chelsea took a bunch of neat pictures of some birds in a tree and the sunset and then we tried to go to another spot to take the last of her pictures. We went to willow park and found some neat shots and her battery died. Remember, this was the day that the photos were due so Chelsea and I flew back to our house to charge her battery which was going to take some time. We still needed to get the photos printed and framed and get them to the arts council building by 7pm for the deadline. By this time it was about 5:30pm After what seemed like too much time for the charging of this battery, we decided to shoot down to alphagraphics in lehi and print some photos out. Fortunately there was noone in there and the manager, Tiffany, took great effor to print us out the most awesome shots of the bike and the birds in the tree. She thought they looked awesome and thought that Chelsea could win. We were happy with the results and thought she was awesome and then we flew to Roberts crafts where Chelsea found 2 black frames. We raced home so Chelsea could go to Young Womens, and Chris to Young Men's(everyone was waiting at the Stake Center for them at 6:30pm to go Ice Skating in Provo.) We barely made it as it was 6:40pm when we were heading towards the Stake Center and we saw the caravan leaving. Whew! After I dropped them off I had a few minutes to get to the Arts council building and turn in Chelsea's photos. At 6:55 pm I pulled in and the lady taking the entries was just getting ready to close up shop... I made it!!!! Well, Chelsea's photo of the bike won 3rd place and she got a $25 check for all of our trouble (which wouldn't have been trouble if we didn't procrastinate!! Good job Chelsea!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Girls Night Out!

The whole cute group!

me with jamie and sarah

The best pizza, mmmmmmmmm!

Rita and holly

Laurie, Emily and Janet

Suzanne and I

We have a monthly girl's night out with the gals I work with. Each month someone takes a turn to choose where we go and it usually includes dinner and whatever else we can come up with. This month we went to the Olive Garden Restaurant and had a good time after an hour and 1/2 wait(at the mall). We laughed and ate way too much and had a good time hanging out!

Someone in the group told the staff they needed to sing to me for my birthday (we usually celebrate whose ever birthday it is for that month and since we missed December's outing it was my turn) and it was awesome!
Our waiter "Alex" was great and he kept up on the bread sticks and at the end of our meal, gave us a basket of mints. We asked him to keep those coming like the breadsticks and he thought that was pretty funny--it didn't happen! What a great thing to have "girl" time.

In looking at my posts, one would think that all I do is party and leave my family at home and think of myself and that's really not the case, no really! I will be posting more of my sweet kids in the near future now that I've gotten my partying posts out of the way :0)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Night Ranger is coming...

So what does that mean? Hello, "Sister Christian oh the time has come..." Ok, i have to confess something, I am a "concertaholic". I've seen way too many concerts in my life but one of the best was Night Ranger back in 1985....22 years ago in Portland, Oregon. There was this guy named Rob who liked me in my Junior year and his brother just happened to work at a radio station and could get awesome seats for concerts. I am not happy about this but I guess you could say I "used" poor Rob to get good seats at concerts. (Sorry Rob wherever you are) Well, the Night Ranger concert was amazing and we got FRONT ROW SEATS and had a blast! Not only was the concert awesome but Jack Blades(the bass guitarist) handed me his guitar pick which I still have in my jewelry box in my room right now. My older brother Randy went with us that night too and he had a good time too! My good friend Amy who I've known since I was 15, goes to these old 80's rock band concerts with me and we have so much fun! Amy and I went to Rick Springfield last year and Pat Benatar a few months ago and now Night Ranger on March 1st. All I can say is "Rock on"... hee hee!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year "2008"


Picasa Web Albums - 2007 Family Yearbook...

It's crazy that another year has passed without incidence (knock on wood). I have compiled some pictures of the highlights of our year. Chelsea turned 15, Christopher turned 12 and Casey turned 10 and Stephanie turned 40- gurrr! Mike is a studly 44 and there you go! Life is good and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I couldn't be "40"!!!!

I was totally surprised at work!
Steffanie, Heather(my neighbor and accomplice) and the shocked bd girl!
Sarah, Melanie, Sheryl and Lara
The whole crazy gang!
The delicious "molten lava cake"

I can't believe I hit the 40 mark! I had a wonderful birthday on Sunday, December 30th and was served breakfast in bed by my wonderful husband and kids. It consisted of 2 over easy eggs which is my favorite way to eat eggs and ham and apple juice, toast, and orange slices. I must say it is always so much better to eat food.... that your sweet family has prepared for you! I spent the rest of the day(after church) just hanging out and enjoying the fact that I didn't have to lift a finger and clean and it was wonderful!Later that night I was told by my husband that he and the kids were going to pick me up from work the next day and take me to lunch at 11:30 am. I was excited and was dreaming of "chili's" my favorite restaurant and "southwestern eggrolls". At 11:30 am I called my husband to see if he was ready and I was wrapping up my loose ends at work for the moment. He said he would be right there and no sooner that I got off the phone from him there was a surprise! Some neighbors and friends of mine came in my office with balloons and singing "happy birthday" to me. My husband and our neighbor Heather set the whole thing up--That was Awesome!!!! melanie, Steffanie, heather, sheryl, sarah, lara, and of course myself all went to lunch to..CHILI's and had a fantastic lunch and yes I got my southwestern eggrolls, chips and salsa and the quesadilla explosion salad and a free birthday desert which was no other than the "molten lava cake". It doesn't get any better than that.....THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!