Thursday, July 24, 2008

Honoring Mom in Seattle...

We had a fun time in Seattle--it was great to have my sister's, Mom and aunts hanging around in Seattle--We were honoring a great lady and happy that she is still with us.

~Don't we look cute in our matching shirts that my cousin Sara made us? She did a good job!!We got a lot of attention walking around Pike's market with our matching shirts. A bunch of 5 feet tall women get attention anyway but add the shirts and you have "mayhem"-- hee hee ~

~Bracelets that Jozette helped me and my girls make for the occasion-- they turned out pretty cute!!!~

~This was a sweet momont that got us all crying-- the hug with mom's favorite nurse Lynette that helped take care of her 20 years ago for the 4 months she was at the hospital-- it was a miracle that we found her. So much had changed at this hospital since mom was there and we weren't recognizing anything or anybody for that matter and were about ready to give up and leave the hospital and then we found Lynette. ~

~The pink ladies outside the hospital-- bone marrow transplants aren't done here anymore-- a lot has changed in 20 years~~ Mom and Diane in front of the Tuscany Apartments where Mom lived during the bone marrow transplant process. Her mom and dad stayed here with her and took care of her the whole time--bless their hearts!!~~The "Duck" Tour was a blast-- we went on a tour vehicle made in the 40's for the war in which we could be driving on land one minute and floating as a boat the next. Very fun!! Our tour guide was a complete spaz named "Helen Wheels"--get it? Anyway-- highly recommended if you ever go to Seattle--The naked bicyclists we saw were a bonus...NOT!~~Here the "duck" is on water and those are "quackers" in our mouth's so we could sound like a duck-- you know me, I have to be constantly entertained j/k~
~My sister Jodie wanted to get her hair cut and we found this salon pretty close to the space needle and the hairstylist did an amazing job!!!! ~~"AFTER" ~
~Chic hair cut Jodi--LOVE IT!!~~We love "Ivars" it has amazing fish and chips and the clam chowder mmmmm ~~Water front eating is awesome-- the weather was divine the whole time-- I hardly saw a cloud in the sky~ ~The topper (pardon the pun) was dinner in the Space Needle--it was fun and another something that you have to do if you visit Seattle-- save your pennies cuz it's not cheap but it is definitely worth it-- each meal is a work of art and very delicious~~Sister Emily, Jodie, me, SIL Melanie, and sister Amy~~My Alaskan Halibut ~
~This was pretty cool--it was just ice cream with fudge topping but add some dry ice and it is ice cream extraordinaire and I think it was only $25~ha ha~The last day we went on a Ferry ride to Bainbridge Island-- it was fun and I got to see my kids who were staying with my Brother while his wife was hanging with us. Chelsea, Chris and Casey had a lot of fun too--they stayed an extra week after I went home and their adventures will be in a future post~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle "2008"...

What an awesome weekend in Seattle celebrating with Mom and her sisters and my sisters!! I will post more fabulous pictures when my children get back on Monday-- they stayed an extra week (with my brother's family) and have the camera. These pictures are from Diane's camera (mom's sister)-- What a blast 9 crazy ladies had... P.S. this is just a little preview...
Mom and Diane-"20" years later and cured of leukemia

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Very Happy 20 Year Anniversary.....

Mom was cured 20 years ago from leukemia after a bone marrow transplant. This next weekend mom's sisters and all of my sisters are going to be in Seattle where she got the procedure done. We're going to have a "girls" weekend and let it all hang out-- and celebrate with this wonderful lady---- I love you Mom!!!!

My Aunt Diane (mom's sister) was the perfect match for the transplant and literally saved my Mom's life---- thanks Diane!!!!!!!!
~I will post again in a week or so...... ttfn~

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Chelsea...July 3rd

16 things that I love about Chelsea...

1. She wants to do what's right.

2. She doesn't want people to feel bad.

3. She's creative.

4. She is always trying new things(like lacrosse).

5. She's very artistic.

6. She's a good friend.

7. She has a great smile.

8. She has a mischievious side to her that cracks me up.

9. She likes to work in the garden.

10. She loves lasagne (so do I).

11. She loves to go on bike rides.

12. She likes to help her brother and sister.

13. She loves to climb trees.

14. She likes to read books.

15. She likes to scare people.

16. She's very loving and is the best daughter in the world and I love her very much!!

Chelsea and Mom a very long time ago :0)

I can't believe you're 16-- it's crazy!

Casey made a bunch of little signs that said "Sweet 16" and put them in the yard-- she worked so hard on those-- it was cute!

~Chelsea got a new basket for her "beachcruiser" bike ~~Chelsea wanted to go to Gardner's Village to shop and she and Jenae had fun in the "It's a Girl Thing" store and Anastasia's Attic(her favorite store)~
Chelsea chose Cafe Rio for lunch-- good choice!
~ A merry- go- round ride was a must!!~ ~Cute!~~Chelsea wanted to go to the mall and mess around a little after Cafe Rio and decided to try on a prom dress--It was easier to put on than take off- besides it wasn't a modest dress anyway~

~Make a wish~
~Chelsea wanted to drive to the park ~~Casey and jenae weren't too keen on the idea~

~Chelsea got to swing as her last activity on her fun filled birthday~
~What a fun day!!! We love you Chelsea~