Monday, March 24, 2008

What a great Weekend!

We had a good Easter yesterday-- we went and hung out with family and as you can see, with some "Giant Fleming" rabbits that were monstrous (6 of them) and billy goats too. We also had a huge easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful day!
Casey is holding "Ruby" the albino-- she was amazing!!

A cool rock formation in St. George

Chris with his team mates after a game in Hurricane.

Chris's arm looks like rubber here as he pitched-

Chris's team-the "Lehi Devils"
nice "clean" uniform- it didn't last long- hee hee
Chelsea exploring in" Zions National Park"

Chris and Casey exploring too-

Goofy kids at Burger King

This is where "High School Musical 2" was filmed- do you recognize the golf course behind Casey?

We had a fun time in St. George. Christopher had a tournament and we just had to go down to sunny St. George and watch :0)

His team lost the first 3 games but won the last game which was cool. This was the first time Chris's team played together since it has been so cold here. I think they are going to be a good team. Their season starts April 19th-June 20th with games every Monday and Saturday.

We took some time to check out some antique and book stores and look for cool rocks at Zions--the kids love that kind of stuff and so do I-- Mike didn't go on this trip because he had to work but hopefully he'll catch the next tournament. Good times!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

There is another driver on the road...

It's official, my 15 year old got her driver's permit and I have to say she is doing a fabulous job with her driving skills-- go Chelsea!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Night Ranger Rocks!!!!!

Jack Blades(lead singer) and Brad Gillis(lead guitarist)

The Concert was fun~My good friend Amy and I left Lehi around 3:30pm on Saturday for the concert that was at 8pm that night in Wendover-- the skies were getting dark and the weather was taking a crazy turn--had we known it was going to do that, we would've left earlier. We drove in sleet and rain and snow for about an hour and 1/2 and then we hit beautiful blue skies around 5pm or so. It felt like we were so far away

When we got there we were hungry so we went to the "coco palms" restaurant in the Peppermill Hotel and Casino and had a wonderful turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and a loaf of bread and diet pepsi ( I prefer that to diet coke anyday). I was wondering if I was going to see anyone I knew and no sooner had I thought that-- I looked over and saw these 3 ladies that kind of looked familiar. I looked harder and recognized Heather who was a regular patron at the Legacy Center and a great lady!--When I went over to chat, she told me that she waited 22 years to see Night Ranger because her older sister went to the concert back then and she didn't get to go--She was pretty excited like me!! I don't know why Night Ranger didn't tour much but they apologized for that at the concert-

The concert went great--the concert hall isn't very big, I would say it holds about 500 people and it is only 2 years old and fortunately "smoke" free. We had great seats and got to stand the whole time-- when Amy and I went to Pat Benatar, there was a guy that sat behind us and made us sit down-- I'm sorry but you should be able to stand at concerts--The crowd at Night Ranger was having a blast and there was a lot of energy and it was really great to sing along to all of the great songs and we all stood for the most part and really had fun!! The band, although in their 50's had tons of energy too and let me tell you, Brad Gillis the lead guitarist was amazing as was Jack Blades the lead singer. He was funny and got everyone excited-- They didn't allow flash photography in the concert hall and Amy's cell phones didn't take the best picture but I managed to take a couple that were kinda blurry-

I would've loved to have gotten another guitar pick or a drumstick or something but that's ok, I got my t-shirt!

~Amy,me, and some fun ladies from Lehi we ran into~
~The Concert Hall in Wendover, Nevada~

~ Me and Amy after the awesome concert! ~
~ You gotta love "velvet curtains"- there were velvet bedspreads on the beds too and a full length mirror across the back wall above the beds--funny!! ~
~ The "tree of life" on the way to Wendover-this is what the sky looked like after we left the horrible storm on Saturday around 5:00pm ~