Saturday, May 31, 2008

I tried!!!

I went to the Southtowne Mall today to try to win a pink Ford Fusion with FM100-- There were 177 contestants and each person got a ping pong ball with a number on it put in a container that turned to mix them all up. Once they started they pulled 3 numbers out at a time and if your number was called you were eliminated. They got down to about 20 ping pong balls and they just had to call my number "60"-- My heart was pounding because it was getting so close and I really thought I had a chance--- oh well-- it was fun and I'll keep entering contests--
It's in my blood what can I say?!
---- Thanks Chelsea and Casey for being my support system-- you're awesome!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Graduation Day!

~Jenae done did it! She graduated from High School~
Chelsea had the idea to paint the windows of Jenae's car and put balloons on it- She wrote "You're free to soar" and "Congratulations Jenae" and "2008" and other fun stuff! We didn't see her and her family until we got back to the car and we were waiting next to it in our van-- it was fun to see them approach the car because they didn't think it was theirs. Jenae looked over at us like she knew we were lurking nearby--- hee hee-- gotcha!!
~ Casey, Chelsea and Jenae ~
~Who doesn't love Cafe Rio? Yummy graduation dinner for sure!~

~We sure love you Jenae-- you're like a member of our family! You and Chelsea have been hanging out for about 9 years can you believe that?!? I remember you 2 video taping yourselves and being extremely goofy for much of those years. Your funny stories, dances that you made up, Josh Groban "misery" moments, and the "weedy beaches", to name a few! What great memories we have of you and your awesome family!! We can't wait to hear of your "new" adventures--you're a very sweet and wonderful gal and you have a bright future most definitely~

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A week and 1/2 in review...

Sunday morning(May 18th) at 8 am- we ran into Carolyn Jessop at the airport on the way to Grandma's funeral in Oregon. She wrote the New York Times best selling book "escape" and was a former member of the FLDS. All of mom's sister's and I have all read it in fact my Aunt Lisa (far back in red) had the book in her hand when we approached her in Burger King. We asked her if she would sign the book for my Aunt Marianne (who wasn't with us at that moment and who owned the book) she's wearing red in the front-- she thought that was pretty cool! Carolyn was told that she couldn't wear red while in the religion because that is the color that Jesus would be wearing during the second coming. I loved how she was strong enough to get out of that bondage she was in and that she now proudly wears red --apparently so do my Aunts :0)

A brief synopsis of the book is that Carolyn was married at 18 years of age to a 50 year old man-- Merrill Jessop who now has 16 or so wives and is the FLDS leader right now since Warren Jeff's was arrested. Carolyn had to be completely submissive at all times no matter what "in harmony" or "keeping sweet" --Whatever was asked of her and happened to her was "God's will". You have to read the book- you won't put it down-- right now she is acting as liaison for the raid of the Texas compound and helping that situation out the best that she can. She and her husband Brian were taking Carolyn's oldest son Arthur to check out colleges in Oregon and they were on our flight too. What a small world --
~My nephew Kevin~

My brother picked Mom and I up from the airport and took us right over to Lake Vancouver in Washington to watch my nephew Barry Michael row~they won and we had fun watching it--It was 90 degrees on the beach! The race wasn't too far from the Portland Airport. (Barry and his family live in Lake Stevens, WA by Seattle.)

~Emily, Amy and Barry~ ~At Lake Vancouver (Washington) with my sister Emily, Amy and brother Barry and my Dad~
~Mom, Barry Michael and my brother Barry-- go Barry Michael!!!!!~
~ Barry Michael helping with his team's $30,000 row boat~~My nephew Spencer showing us how to skateboard~6 years old

My sisters and I with my Dad's parents-- Grandma and Grandpa West (Gpa is 90 and Gma is turning 90 on June 22nd-- they are also celebrating their 70th wedding Anniversary on June 1st--great people!! It was fun to visit with them-- they are exactly the same as I always remember them :0)

My sweet grandma who passed away lived in Oregon for quite a few years in her later married life with my grandpa Max. Grandpa was buried about 11 years ago in Portland, Oregon at Sunset Hills Cemetary which is a beautiful cemetary with hills and pretty landscaping. Grandma is now buried next to Grandpa and their son Philip who died about 8 years ago. The weather couldn't have been better and it was good to see my Grandparents, brothers and sisters and my Dad who all live up in that area in Washington State. My camera's battery quit working and so I didn't get any pictures of the funeral in Oregon. I will try to get some copies from my family (I hope :0))

~Casey and her friend Kelsie before her end of the year concert- it was a really cute program~
~Can you see Casey?-- she was so cute and the kids were so excited to perform for all of us~
Our odometer in our minivan-- that's "good luck" isn't it?
Casey at the Little River band concert at the Scera Shell in Orem. She loves this band-- I have the greatest hits cd and she has the whole thing memorized so it was fun to take her as she sang along to all of the songs. She was cute!
Little River Band
*Christopher played in a baseball tournament this past weekend which was fun to watch and his pitching was awesome-- he's very gifted and he loves every minute of it. He just bought a new glove last night and he was so giddy--
*Chelsea had her yearbook signing and is getting ready for summer-- she is going to be getting her drivers license soon-- She turns "16" on July 3rd. We are getting ready to go to girl's camp very soon-- yeay!!!
*Casey's class named the new expressway that they are putting in Lehi-It's going to be called "Pioneer Crossing Boulevard". Check out the link if you want to read the story-it's pretty cool!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grandma's Funeral-in Utah

the cousins
Mom( far right) and her siblings

My FamilyFred and Harriet Gummow (they were my next door neighbors when I was a child-- they look the same to me and it was so fun to see them)- Harriet played the organ for the funeral service.
their sons are Gary, Glade, Glen, Grant, Greg and Gordon-- happy memories with this family-

We had a nice reunion with family this past weekend! Saturday was the funeral service for my sweet Grandmother in Provo and then Monday was the burial and another service in Portland, Oregon at Sunset Hills Cemetary. I was fortunate to be able to go to Portland to the service and burial up there and see my family. The funeral in Oregon was yesterday-Monday, May 19th (I will post Oregon photos later when i get them)--

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a wonderful lady!!


My Sweet Grandmother passed away Friday night at 7:21 pm. What an amazing lady and example to all of us-- she was always positive and spunky and never complained even when she was in awful pain as she was in her last years-- and even though she went completely blind she still had a cheerful and inspiring word to all who visited her. I will miss this great woman and love her dearly!!! Grandma, I know you're happy with Grandpa and all of those who passed on before you-- what a reunion!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Can you see me driving a pink car?...

I have been listening to FM100 everyday at work for quite a while now and everyday for the past couple of weeks, they have had a contest where people can call in to be a finalist to get a key. This key just might start a "pink" Ford Fusion at the end of May (in support of breast cancer awareness) and if it starts it, I of course can take it home--wouldn't that be fabulous?! I was so surprised yesterday when I actually got ringing on the other end of the phone instead of a busy signal, and even more surprised when I heard "congratulations, you are a finalist"--my heart was going a hundred miles an hour-- Heather and my kids heard me on the radio-- hee hee --I'll for sure keep you posted!