Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We have another teenager in the house...

Chris had a fun day-- he invited a few guys from his football team over and you went to the nickelcade in Orem and played for a few hours and then came back to the house and played video games. This party went on for 6 hours---- you party animals!!

1. you work hard-
2. you play hard-
3. you have a great memory and can recite songs word for word in fact you know white and nerdy and are so funny when you sing it because you hike up your pants and pull out the nerdy glasses-
4. Even though you tease your sister's mercilessly, you love them and protect them -
5. You are a great athlete and practice harder than any kid I know-
6. You get awesome grades-
7. You love animals and just got a baby kitten-
8. You do funny things with your eyebrows-
9. You work hard in the scouting program and recently earned your "life"-- way to go Chris!!!
10. You can be a real spaz when you want to but yet can be so calm too, strange!!
11. You try to do what's right-
12. You love to play with kids-
13. You're happiest when you have a ball in your hands-

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cucumbers and Lacrosse?!?

Okay-- so I can't get my pictures off of my camera and my son just turned 13 and I've had an Anniversary-- so kind of big deals, but I guess those posts will have to wait another day or so :0 ) In the meantime, I'm going to ramble and tell a funny story.

Yesterday at work, my friend Susan brought "lemon" cucumbers to work that she had grown in her garden. The "lemon" part of the name is because of the way they look but let me tell you, it was delicious and everything you would want in a cucumber and more and tastes nothing like a lemon. Anyway, I put one in my purse to take home for later and then got really busy and forgot about it. Chelsea had a lacrosse game in Sandy and life got busy and the lemon cucumber sat in my purse. After the game, I took Chelsea and her friend Lindsey home and while we were driving home, we were talking about what sounded good to eat. --Chelsea was saying that fast food would make her throw up and said a salad would be good, and Lindsey said that a cucumber sounded good. WHAT?!? a cucumber?--- "I think I have one of those in my purse!!"--after all of the --"ha ha's" and "yeah whatever's", etc... I pulled out my handy dandy cucumber and offered it to Lindsey and convinced her that it was in fact a cucumber. After we were done laughing hysterically, she delighted in the delicious, crisp treat that came from the bottom of my purse( it was clean, don't worry). It was like manna from heaven. Good Times!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashback Friday

What cute toddlers-- just for fun--I pulled out their journals I kept of my kids cute sayings and I'll share a few now:

  • Chelsea: One day I was drawing you a picture when you were about 2 years old and you clapped your hands and said "Good job Mama!"
  • Chris: One day you were getting dressed (you were 3) and I got you a pair of jeans to put on. You insisted on putting them on yourself which I had no problem with and so I got busy doing something else-- pretty soon I heard you say, "mom, why did Jesus make zippers so hard to zip up!!"
  • Casey: You didn't like Chris to laugh at you about anything and at 2 you would put your hands on your hips and pucker your lips and say, "Not funny "Tis!"
~It's fun being a mom to 3 strong willed kids who definitely have different personalities-- If they don't kill each other it will be a miracle but at least there's never a dull moment and I've enjoyed every step of the way so far- well almost every step, hee hee!!!~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jumping for Joy on the top of "Squaw Peak"

~ I think the altitude was getting to us... ~

~ Good Air ~

~Check out that form!~
~Even the 44 year old man jumped for joy which cracked me up-- you're a silly guy Mikey~ ~A bunch of "goobers" that I love~
~What a view ~
~Chelsea and the mom and wife of all of the goobers , I don't know where they get it from!!~


Our family loves to go to Squaw Peak in the Fall- we usually wait until the leaves are turning their bright red and orange but we got a "jump" start on it this year-- don't worry, we'll be back! We love to hike and explore and it's a wonderful family outing for us. After Squaw peak we usually go to Steve Young's Arabian Horse ranch and visit the horses that are boarded there and visit the cats that roam freely. My kids have gone there since they were itty bitty, it's a lot of fun and they love it!!

~Some photos of the horse ranch~

School Spirit!

Chelsea was showing school spirit by dressing up in her "purple"tights for the High School Football game- I know that is why they pulled off a win in the last few seconds-- Go Pioneers!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Timpanogas Storytelling Festival and "Cherishbound" collide for an awesome weekend!!!!

I had a great weekend with a lot of very inspirational women who came from Florida, California, and other places to be motivated and enriched in our Cherishbound businesses. We had workshops and learned from some great leadership and were inspired from amazing storytellers from around the country as well. Cherishbound was a sponsor of the festival and the co-founder Carol Rice was inspirational and awesome as ever too!! What better business than to help people share their family stories...
What a great group of ladies.. it was fun to see Tara Brown, my good friend from Florida. We goofed around Friday night @ the place I was staying playing raquetball and chatting well into the night.

Tara (left) and Christa playing raquetball. I was taking this shot upstairs from the bathroom at the house we were staying in. I couldn't believe when I came across this room and it was a huge racquetball court. My kids would die for a room in our house like this :0)

~ A small volume of my childhood-A book I recently finished to give mom for mother's day~

The back

~The book of our special Anniversary weekend in Seattle~
~ I have soooo many books I want to do and with the new backgrounds and new paper to choose from I can't wait to create some more. I will show my new projects when I finish them. ~