Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday...

This picture was taken in September '91. I love the goofy look on my face and the hair-- Check out Mike's parachute pants. Those were his tame ones--oh the good ole days huh? We were married shortly after this picture was taken.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baseball season is over...

Chris was sliding into "home" plate last week and when he went to slide he had to slide on the opposite side that he normally does (because of a scraped leg) and he landed on his arm wrong-- I knew immediately that something wasn't right and we took him to insta-care in North Orem. The doctor x-rayed him and he couldn't see anything and sent him home although he said that fractures on the wrist's growth plate don't always show up. The next day Mike had to go to the doctor and took Chris went with him because he was in a lot of pain and after checking him out the doctor felt that he needed to be casted so his wrist would heal properly. He 'll be wearing it for 4 weeks--

Chris and Mike are going to Scout camp all this next week and we got him a vacuum sealed waterproof plastic guard for his arm so he can swim. I feel a party coming on with the boys gone-- any takers? hee hee

Monday, June 16, 2008

To Become like Him....Look to the Stars! Girls Camp 2008

My friends- Heather and Lara (from the RS Presidency) came up-- they were so cute on crazy hair day!!!
~Something is stanky~
~ Chelsea and Steph~
~Kelly and Steph~

Steph E., Lisa, Me, Michelle, Jill, Meggen and Kelly- The fearless Stake Leaders of the Jordan River Stake Girls Camp- 2008
~Some of the Young Women~The small but "powerful" Willow Park Ward YW-- they won the "Modesty Award" which gets to be displayed in the Bishop's Display Case---- Go Girls!!!
~The "Modesty" Award ~The Stake leaders didn't earn the modesty award-- hmmmmmm I don't know why-- hee hee!!

~The Granny Panty Dance was so fun~

~The "goofy" willow park girls-- notice anyone falling? ~
~Michelle and Meggen-- 2 wild and crazy Stake leaders! ~
~~You gotta love the pyramid!! ~

Kelly's trailer was soooo helpful to store things in- but for the record-- we DID NOT sleep in it- it was funny how many people thought we were totally living in luxury while everyone else was freezing. We were freezing too- trust me!!Brrrrrr... it was a tad bit cold on Wednesday but it didn't last long fortunately!!

~Sister Groesbeck- formerly on the General Young Women's Board spoke to us--- she was fabulous!! (Thursday night)~
On the last day of camp as we were getting ready to leave- a young lady came to Jill with a "tick" in her head. We had a few ticks at camp- yuck!!!

What a great time I had-- I was really looking forward to this because of the amazing time I had last year. Meggen is an awesome Stake YW President, not to mention Michelle and Steph as her counselors and Jill, Lisa and Kelly as amazing Camp leaders. We didn't get a lot of sleep and worked really hard but had a blast---Thanks to you fabulous women for inspiring me and being
wonderful human beings!!!

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