Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chelsea's Homecoming date "2009"

Chelsea got asked to homecoming by Jake Hadfield. They have been friends for years and he is a good guy! It was fun to see Chelsea have a good time and get all dressed up for this fun night!

The Pinning of the got a little tricky but noone got hurt!

One last picture and off they go!


Meggen said...

Beautiful girl, that Chelsea! Loved seeing the pictures! And, glad to have you back in the bloggie world again, Steph!

Julie W said...


Anonymous said...

how sweet!

FashionGirl said...

Steph, all of your kids are so darn cute! Chelsea looks amazing though.
We miss our most awesome nieghbors!
Tell your family hi:)

steff said...

Cute!! I love Chelsea she is such a funny and cute girl.

DeVries Family said...

Chicken Little...miss you!!!
What a hottie that little lady of yours is growing up to be! Do you have to put a bag on her head in public so people think she's ugly??